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This is not a problem for us. Metal detectors and security guards are great way to keep harm out of school property and from students hurting themselves.

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School Security Security in schools has dramatically changed since the shooting at Columbine High School in Before then school security was almost non-existent because there was never a threat and in today’s world it might be a leading problem.

- Abstract School violence remains a serious American problem, especially in America’s inner-cities. Mainstream strategies to reduce school violence have focused on combinations of upgrading school security postures (more guards, metal detectors, etc.) and in improving student intervention programs (peer counseling, conflict resolution, etc.).

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from the review of "Slavery’s Dehumanizing Effects": The strength of your essay is your realization of what is most important in terms of the content of Douglass' Narrative, its deep understanding of the negative impact of slavery beyond the cruelty exacted upon the slaves themselves.

Integrating Technology for Better School Security - Integrating Technology for Better School Security Using new technology for better school security is not always easy because it is difficult to address the correct problem with the right equipment, there also exists economic issues, and mental unrest among staff and students.

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