Things we didn t see coming

You don't get a lot of detail of exactly what happened during Y2K or why people are living the way they are, how the government has organized things after the crisis.

S'hi May 07, Inspired to read Steven Amsterdam? We get tasty snapshots of people surviving the future but I can't help thinking that all of the interesting stuff is hiding in the gaps between each section. So the apocalypse happened Each one is set only a few years after the one before, but his struggles evolve fast so the terrain of each story keeps changing.

Things We Didn’t See Coming

Download at full speed with unlimited bandwidth with just one click! To learn more about cookies, please see our cookie policy. A kind of nowhere-land of modern Western civilisation and societal mores, politics, religions, etc. Of course it's useful necessary, even to be scared by these ideas once or twice — but once you've got to grips with the basic principles, I'm not always sure the lessons learned are worth the emotional trauma involved.

I had never heard of Steven Amsterdam and when I read the back of the novel, it seemed quite exciting, but vague as well.

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How does it all feel? Only one of the stories felt underdeveloped to me; all of them completely held my attention and left me with lots to think about.

Dinelle Hettiarachchi Jun 19, A thought-provoking read that really highlights the uncertainty in our world. None of them really came to a conclusion either, like several random chapters from a series of books about the same guy.

You worked that out a long time ago, didn't you? There are some interesting elements to the book, for sure. Likewise from an historical angle, we can see how plate tectonics, racial inequality, terrorism, blackouts, and climate change can operate.

I just loved this book. Antwerp was written ina time when a young Bolano was shifting his principal form from poetry to prose, and the transition between forms is incomplete.

But the following stories are set in a future where it never stops raining, or it hasn't rained for years.

Things We Didn't See Coming by Steven Amsterdam

I wasn't sure what to expect and it took me some time to acclimatise pun intended to its episodic structure. Here also is a sense of reading a new form, although the book's thirty years old.

Things We Didn’t See Coming

In the impressionism of the work, the gorgeous unsteadiness of form—is this fiction, poetry, a stage play? Individually, each thread is compelling, but none are given any follow-through.

It goes back to my Life is Busy thesis. These however have a snarky young voice, a male narrator, and it spins things around quite a bit as the topics are different as well.

The first story kicks off on New Year's Eveas the world waited for planes to drop out of the sky. Even in his pettiest moments, the protagonist has an underlying grace, which made him worth rooting for. The book is really snapshots of the main character's life as the world goes to hell and maybe rebuilds?

In paperback form, it does not have a blurb, just pull quotes. The only real speculative element is the fact that this is an alternate history and future, where Y2k went far worse than in our world. I try to be honest though: There is a campground, a crime, a red-haired girl involved with the drug trade.

It seems like a solid chorus of confirmation as I go forward. Without these cookies, we can't provide services to you. There is time between the stories where you don't know exactly what has happened, exactly where he is in the US, and what the situation is.

Things We Didn't See Coming Book Chapter Summary?

What was the big issue for London streets in ?Feb 13,  · INTRODUCTION: "Things We Didn't See Coming" is a book that I did not see coming so to speak. I just found out it by the mere chance of seeing a copy in the Fiction New Releases section of a B&N and picking it up since the cover was sort of interesting.

"Breathtakingly strange The kind of book that can inspire us to think differently about the world and entertain us at the same time." --"The Washington Post """Things We Didn't See Coming" feels like a genuine discovery. Things We Didn’t See Coming, Steven Amsterdam. Posted on May 23, by MWP May 23, It’s the anxious eve of the millennium.

The car is packed to capacity, and as midnight approaches, a family flees the city in a fit of panic and paranoid, conflicting emotions. What makes Things We Didn’t See Coming such an impressive novel-and very impressive debut-is the playfulness of the writing contrasted to the grimness of the subject matter.

Things We Didnt See Coming

In Amsterdam’s hands the apocalypse sounds like it might be fun.”. Things we didn't see coming. [Steven Amsterdam] -- It's the anxious eve of the millennium. The car is packed to capacity, and as midnight approaches, a family flees the city in a fit of panic, paranoid and conflicting emotions.

Dystopian wastelands, post-apocalyptic evacuations, a family tersely preparing for the end of the world Steven Amsterdam's book of thematically-linked short stories explores harshly possible futures for a population unprepared for its own end.

Things we didn t see coming
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