Two sides of tourism industry in india

China, for instance, has recently emerged as one of the top destinations for Indians with small businesses, and more than 5, Indian students are currently studying in Chinese universities.

Even there are countries where critical patients may have to wait for months. It may also lead to environmental hazards such as environmental pollution due to use of cigars, plastic bags. Sincere efforts could help to further develop the Indian tourism industry.

Every region is identified with its handicrafts, fairs, folk dances, music and its people.

Tourism in India

Tourism provides employment opportunity for local people. The opening of the third border pass between China and India raises hopes that it will become a gateway for China-India tourism from Tibet to Sikkim.

Bounded by the Himalayan ranges in the north and surrounded, on three sides by water Arabian sea, Bay of Bengal and Indian OceanIndia offers a wide array of places to see and things to do. Travel based recreation provides relief from the monotony of daily routine.

The condition of many or our monuments is deteriorating due to the negligence of the concerned authorities.

In Augustthe govt banned liquor in the state. As the number of Chinese tourists in Taiwan begins to show signs of growth again inKao thinks Taiwan's tourism industry has surpassed the worst period of decline. Kashmir offers the pleasure of winter sports like skiing and mountaineering.

Our country has witnessed a remarkable growth in the service of hospital and well-qualified doctors, which has not only attracted the patient population from neighbouring counties but also from the Middle East and the West.

Similarly, Gujaratthe oldest dry state in the country had to amend its prohibition policy to attract tourists. Things have now started looking bright for the Indian tourism industry.

Galore of cultural differences resultant in varieties of cuisines to please diverse tongues, textiles, artifacts, handicrafts pleasing eyes are other gifts.

The Federation of Hotel and Restaurant Associations of India numbers the total hotel rooms at only 97, Tourism is important for the growth and development of a developing country like India.

India can reap benefits from this industry, can add to own coiffure, earn foreign money if tourists are attracted to Buddhist stupas, Hindu temples, Mughal, Rajput palaces, forts, and victory towers, rock-cut caves, elaborately laid our gardens.

The Tourism Advisory Board recommends measures for promotion of tourist traffic in India. Noise pollution from vehicles and public address systems, water pollution, vehicular emissions, untreated sewage, etc. Growth of Service Sector: The terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir, Maoists attacks in West Bengal and Bihar, Bodo agitations in north0eastern hill areas greatly affect the tourism in our country.

What this means for them is that many, if not most of these jobs are seasonal, and virtually non-existent in the off-season, and when they are working, these positions tend to be low paying. New Opportunities for Growthprojects that China will become the second largest tourism destination next to the United States within a decade.

India is one of the popular tourist destination in Asia. Our country also integrate traditional medical concepts Ayurveda, Unani and Homeopathy with complimentary therapies like Yoga, Acupuncture and Aroma therapies progress the process of healing.

Ahmed bin Nasser Al Mahrzi, Minister of Tourism said that the parties agreed to activate the MoU which was signed between the two sides in February and build upon what have been agreed during the visit of the Indian Prime Minister last year.

They attract tourists from all over the world. Nowadays, it is considered an industry. Citizens should be made aware about the significance of tourism for the progress of our country by showing them that states like Kerala and Rajasthan depend on tourism as the means of livelihood to a large extent.

Liquor Ban Narrative in India Kerala: In these hotels, the tourists get the experience the exotic lifestyle of the bygone era. Medical Tourism Today India is emerging as a favored place of medal treatment. Every region is identified with its handicraft, fairs, folk dances, music and its people.

TimesView While the PIL rightly highlights the ill-effects of liquor on human health, fatal accidents, and social disorder in some instances, past experiences show ban and bootlegging has become two sides of same coin.

If you did, then you might feel a bit guilty for renting, then erratically driving, those scooters you find in beach towns, or taking that slow guided tour through the busy streets of downtown.

These communities tend to be on the smaller side, and feel the magnified effects of the tourism industry more so than other places might. Independent sources are also big on India. However, on further consideration it can be proved that it has its own share of disadvantages as well.

However, some pointers for discussion have been provided for your reference. The Taiwanese government has begun to ease visa restrictions on tourists from several Southeast Asian countries, like Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines, as well as opening up new air routes.

Soil erosion, pollution, discharge into water, deforestation, and issues with local species of animals and plants may come about due to the increased activity.Answer-The Two Sides of the Tourism Industry By Michael.

Tourism is one of the most popular industries in India. However, every coin has two sides and both the sides hold importance while discussing its entity. "The biggest wish of the tourism industry is for tourism and travel to become a medium for both sides to engage in more positive interactions," said Kao.

Read more: Xi Jinping and the 'Chinese Dream'. Two Sides Of Tourism Industry. Introduction Tourism has become one of the world's main industries; both developing and extremely developed countries are now taking closer look.

Tourism give a lot of foreign exchange to the country, it's provides jobs directly in the same field (Tourism Industry) and indirectly in supporting industries for example, agriculture industry, guide to the development. Tourism plays a vital role in the economic development of a country.

8 Disadvantages of Tourism: The Dark Side of Vacations

Tourism is the second largest foreign exchange earner in India. The tourism industry employs a large number of people, both skilled and unskilled. It promotes national integration and international brotherhood.

India has fascinated. Tourism in India This is the latest accepted revision, reviewed on 11 November The Taj Mahal in Agra, one of the New7Wonders of the World, is a popular tourist destination and a.

Two Sides of Tourism Industry. Tourism and the Hospitality Industry are the most promising and fast flourishing industries of the future world.

The famous south Indian actor, Chiranjeevi feels Tourism in India has the potential to promote faster, sustainable and more inclusive growth.

Two sides of tourism industry in india
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